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    “It takes a lot of courage to show
    your dreams to someone else.”
    Erma Bombeck
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    Have a great day!
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    "I like these cold, gray winter days.
    Days like these let you savor a bad mood."
    Bill Watterson
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    Spring is just around the corner.....I hope.
    Take care & have a great day.
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    Because if you are making mistakes, then you are
    making new things, trying new things, learning,
    living, pushing yourself, changing yourself,
    changing your world. You're doing things you've
    never done before, and more importantly, you're
    doing something.  Neil Gaiman
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    Season’s greetings!

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    Happy Fall!
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Racing history and ORGies

I like virtual racing its so damn addictive.

Charlie and Blue, Unicorns
Thinga's Race.
Leg 1 - 9th/12th
Leg 2 - 3rd/11th (DAPAPWNAGE)
Leg 3 - 6th/10th (Intersected with Lyz/Spencer)
Leg 4 - 10th/10th (ROBBAGE)
Pino's Practice leg - 5th/17th

Charlie and Blue are probably my least creative teams that I will EVER have. They were great though since they are probably the most random teams you will ever see. Blue is fond of Robbing Charlie while Charlie is basically annoyed with Blue but they both got along very well during the whole race and they both enjoyed the race.

Hayley and Chester, Vocalists

Leg 1 - 14th/23rd
Leg 2 - 9th/19th (Intersected with Richard/Cassie)
Leg 3 - 2nd/18th or 1st/9th
Leg 4 - 10th/16th
Leg 5 - 6th/16th
Leg 6 - 9th/15th
Leg 7a - 2nd/13th
Leg 7b - 1st/12th (First first ever!)
Leg 8 - 3rd/11th (Yielded Ahmed and Ashley aka Funkey)
Leg 9 - 9th/9th (U-TURNED)
Leg 10 - 8th/9th (YIELDED)
Leg 11 - 7th/8th
Leg 12a - 7th/8th (FUCK. THE. INTERSECTION)

Hayley and Chester are from bands of Paramore and Linkin Park and we all know that they rocked. This team is very different from what you'll get in the concerts though since Hayley is a bitch while Chester is a sensitive crybaby. They both have a really rocky friendship and Hayley loves to dominate the team. Chester is getting annoyed with Hayley's rude behavior while Hayley doesn't care. They both are sworn enemies with Cydney/Nadine and basically almost everyone in the race hates Hayley so this makes them a team you would love to hate with a little love.

Herve and Kathleen, Teachers

Leg 1 - 8th/24th (Originally 9th)
Leg 2 - 16th/22nd
Leg 3 - 9th/20th (U-turned Mahal and Mura aka Bryan :( )
Leg 4 - 10th/17th (Omg lost a footrace for 9th image)
Leg 5 - 10th/14th (Intersected with Haruka/Michiru)
Leg 6 - 7th/12th
Leg 7 - 10th/12th (U-TURNED)
Leg 8 - 6th/10th
Leg 9 - 7th/7th or 4th/4th
MTAR3 practice leg - 4th/8th

Herve and Kathleen are teachers who are dating since the day they met. Herve is more of the short-tempered kind of teacher who wants everything done his way while Kath is the relaxed freedom-giving teacher. In leg 2 Herve and Kath find the dancing banana and try to save his siblings from the hands of the evil producers. Along the way Herve died but got resurrected when he ate the dancing Mango. After that in leg 3 they find out that Luke was following them the whole time because he plotted to kidnap the fruit family. He gets mad at Herve and gets revenge by biting him making him retarded. At the end of leg 3 Jaime appears and heals Herve from retarditis. In leg 4 however Herve reveals to Kathleen that a part of Luke left him and that he was gay. He starts being a random gay guy overusing the word FIERCE and random stuff like that. At the leg of leg 4, Kathleen tried to make Herve jealous by having a Threesome with JT and Stephen. In leg 5 Kathleen spends her time flirting with Haruka trying to make Herve jealous but to no avail. At the end of leg 6 Herve decided that he is happier with the way he is and Kath takes a while to accept it but they remain to be very good friends.

In leg 7 Miss Kelly appears to them and tells them to come back to the school as their students need them. They both ignored Kelly however and just continued racing. In leg 8 however, Kelly continued to convince them and Herve/Kath are becoming hesitant of returning to school. However they realize that their school has been bombed in leg 9 and they have to win the race, unfortunately they got eliminated that leg as well.

A few months later Herve and Kathleen went to race in MTAR3's decoy leg so they can earn a little more money for the school. Herve admits to have had a big, lustful crush on Zach for a while and he wants to do him right there. They finish the leg in 4th as Herve continuously flirted with Zach throughout the leg. They have sex in the pitstop as Kathleen is saddened deep down inside knowing that Herve is taken.

Daisuke and Saburo, Aikido Teachers
Mooyou's race

Leg 1 -12th/15th
Leg 2 - 12th/13th (Internet H8)
Leg 3 - 10th/12th (Lulz bottom Gods)
Leg 4 - 9th/10th (U-TURNED)
Leg 5 - 5th/9th (JUNCTIONED)
Leg 6 - 8th/9th (ROUNABOUT-ED)
Leg 7 - 4th/8th
Leg 8 - 7th/8th (Intersected with Bentong and Booba)
Leg 9 - 7th/7th

Daisuke is a calm master who wants to race slowly while Saburo is the exact opposite! They aren't doing so well as they had a really rocky start but they are fun and loveable characters who just wants to race for fun. In leg 4 Saburo bought an energy drink described as the sweetest monosaccharide. He tries to convince Daisuke to drink but he refuses until he finds out what it is. He then starts to perv at Booba in leg 5 and Daisuke is disgusted with his ugly behavior. After some tension in leg 7 Saburo celebrates his birthday as he hopes not to come in last unlike Jenn from TAR.

Lili and Sebastian, Heiress and Servant
Pinoyako's race

Practice Leg - 5th/19th (As Charlie and Blue)
Leg 1 - 9th/19th
Leg 2 - 7th/15th
Leg 3 - 2nd/13th (Will I EVER win a footrace for first....)
Leg 4 - 4th/12th
Leg 5 - 2nd/11th
Leg 6 - 4th/10th
Leg 7 - 3rd/10th (intersected with Shuhuan and Yiping)
Leg 8a - 3rd/8th (Originally 8th with a mid-point eliminated but was reinstated and YIELDED)
Leg 8b - 3rd/7th (ZOMG, I'm in the F7 again)
Leg 9 - 2nd/6th (2nd to the FF person so I'm 1st in a way ^_^)
Leg 10 - 4th/6th (U-TURNED)
Leg 11 - 2nd/5th (2nd to the FF person again ^_^)
Leg 12 - 1st/5th (First non-FF 1st EVER :D)
Leg 13 - 2nd/4th (Come from behind =o)
Leg 14 - 1st/3rd (WINNERS)

Lili is a spoiler rich brat while Sebastian is her loyal servant who tends to do everything for her. They race nicely until leg 3 where they have a creepy stalker who turned out to be Asuka. They fight in the Roadblock and the pitstop and Lili is no exhausted for racing. After the fight Lili get tired in leg 4 as she makes Sebastian do all her work. After a nice long rest, they meet up with Julia in a ferry to Yemen in leg 5 as Julia starts to campaign for the forest. Lili also confessed that she snuck up from her dad to race and Sebastian is afraid of taking the blame. Lili gets a message in Israel from her father that he is waiting for her in the next country and Lili starts to worry that she is going to die. Sebastian gains a sense of self-worth as well and starts to stand up for himself. Mister Rochefort speaks with Lili and says that everything will be ok but brings Lee to torture Lili and Sebastian in England. Lee is ignored and as teams went to Gabon, Lee said that he is marrying Lili at the end of the race. Lili says that it's illegal as she physically abuses Lee while Sebastian tried to kill him in the Roadblock. In leg 9, Lee left the race as he was arrested by the gay police but Anna was brought with Lili and Sebastian as she acts like a total whore throughout the whole leg. In leg 10, Nina appears and starts to fight with Anna throughout the leg. They both fight until they reach Sebastian's breaking point as he popped off on them. In leg 11, Lili hired Devil Jin to kill Anna and Nina with their lasers but it led to them having Unknown for the rest of the leg. In the last 3 legs. Lili and Sebastian lose all the 3rd characters and race normally. They U-turned the threat, Mike and Evals as they made enemies that leg. In leg 13 Lili and Sebastian fall behind but only to emerge in 2nd because of the roadblock. In the FINALE, Lili and Sebastian fail in a luck task as they both learn to support each other. They reach the Roadblock a few minutes behind and managed to put themselves far ahead, enough to put them as the first placers.

AMAZING RACE ALL-STARS, Hosted by Mooyou and A Dying Clown


Leg 1 - 6th/15th
Leg 2 - 6th/15th
Leg 3a - 5th/14th
Leg 3b - 12th/14th (Nearly eliminated -_-)
Leg 4 - 12th/12th (lolpwnt)

The 2 winners return to racing more than ready than every. After placing consistenty in legs 1, 2 and 3a they reach a massive choke when they intersect with Amy and Jones as they call 2nd-last with the winners and were nearly eliminated. Their luck just ran out in the last minute however since they failed the race because of a luck task. They were eliminated and the winners drop from 1st to 12th.

Beverly and Candy
Mooyou's TAR 2

Leg 1 -  5th/18th
Leg 2 - 7th/16th
Leg 3 - 13th/15th
Leg 4 - 4th/14th
Leg 5 - 11th/12th
Leg 6 - 10th/11th
Leg 7 - 9th/10th
Leg 8 - 4th/9th
Leg 9 - 7th/8th (Intersected with Sundai and Ylmaz)

Beverly and Candy are lesbian nerds and they both join the race thinking that they will be a smart team and they were right as they managed to get 1st in a task and come in 5th overall. Then came Leg 7 where a physical task came and they had a lot of difficulty as they showed how nerdy they were by showing their lack of strength. After than came a physics Roadblock and Candy failed epicly despite being her nerdy self.

Ayame and Rin

MTAR 3: The Final Frontier

Leg 1 - 5th/16th
Leg 2 - 2nd/14th
Leg 3 - 10th/12th
Leg 4 - 7th/11th
Leg 5 - 4th/11th
Leg 6 - 5th/9th
Leg 7 - 6th/8th
Leg 8 - 4th/8th
Leg 9 - 4th/8th
Leg 10 - 6th/7th

(insert description here)

Other games :D

Project Runway 4 - 2nd/18th (Originally 5th)
Thinga's Gauntlet of Doom - 3rd/18th
Board game battles 2 - 3rd/16th
Board Game Battles - 9th/12th
A Trainwreck with Libra - 11th/20th
Level Bank's PR3 - 12th/16th (Robbed, kthnxbai)
BB Mansion of Murder - 12th/15th
Thinga's PR2 - 13th/16th
Harper's Island - 13th/25th (As Danny Brooks)
Ss01's game of summer madness - 14th/17th
Paris' Pointless Game 3 - 21st/51st
TAR 15 prediction game - 31st/46th
Paris' Pointless Game 2 - 44th/45th
Big Brother: Pokemon - 9th/15th (Jury)

Wuming's (not rigged) Writing Inspiration -CANCELLED-
Treasure Hunters -CANCELLED-


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